6 August 2008 | Team Tamar

Search MP3 on Google

Google China has decided to provide MP3 search service from August, although the exact time and business mode have not yet been set.

In China, Baidu’s music search function is one of the biggest reasons why Baidu is so popular among young generation.   According to the iresearch’s Chinese search engine annual report (2006), 84.4% users chose Baidu, when they wanted to search for music.  If Google China can provide a good MP3 search service, it will definitely attract more users.

However, Google would only use this new service as a test version to start with, mainly due to copyright issues.  Google is now trying to solve the copyright problems with all the major record companies, and hopefully would not go down the same rocky road as Baidu, which was sued by several record companies for its illegal MP3 download service.

Team Tamar