27 August 2008 | Team Tamar


The beloved, if highly controversial, Facebook game, Scrabulous, is dead. This after users made the startling discovery over the weekend.  The only place in the world where Scrabulous is currently still available is India, but apparrently that will also not last for too much longer.

The developers of the game, the Agarwalla brothers, have finally decided to shut down the game, but fear not, they are planning to re-release it under the name, Wordscraper. The response has been good with more than 262 000 users, but it isn’t quite the success that its predescessor was with more than 500 000 monthly users.

Electronic Arts and Hasbro released an official version of Scrabble and thus far it has attracted more than 382 000 monthly users. According to AP News, Facebook’s decision was guided by the risk of facing “liability for copyright and trademark infringement”.

This story has been lingering for quite some time and only time will tell when it will come to an end.

Team Tamar