19 August 2008 | Team Tamar

Rock Your Browsing

Being not easily impressed, I find myself feeling like a boy with a new toy this morning. Having never joined the Firefox bandwagon and remained loyal to Microsoft IE7, I find myself jumping ship and ready to enter the 3D world of SpaceTime, without even a sneaky look over my shoulder.

Tabbed browsing, pah – it’s like using cassette tapes in the days of Zippy and Bungle. This is 2008, GB are 3rd in the Beijing Olympics medal table and I can see all my browser windows at the same time, I can view and scroll through images and videos without opening the web pages and I can flip through products like I’m using an iTouch!!!

I’m hooked, I want to browse more and searching just became fun again. SpaceTime rocks, download it here!

Team Tamar