4 August 2008 | Team Tamar

New marketing methods in a changing economic climate

As the UK moves closer to an
economic recession, marketers across all industries are scrambling to find ways
to effectively market their products.
This is where digital marketing is going to play a
vital role. Because of the flexibility and exposure it offers, marketers are
rushing to this option. Almost immediately marketers are able to get insight
into customer behavior, customer spending patterns and even customer needs.

Businesses are now more agile in response to the success
or failure marketing of campaigns and are therefore able to make informed
business decisions in the ever changing economic climate. This is of course achieved by having an
effective web analysis tool in place.

Consulting firm Experian, did a study of this
digital marketing approach but cautioned against digital marketing in
isolation. It recommends that it is integrated with more traditional offline
methods. They then concluded the report by highlighting the following findings;

  • Understand customers and their needs
  • Analyse and segment
  • Adapt products and services
  • Integrate media channels to increase exposure

Team Tamar