4 August 2008 | Team Tamar

New Bebo Friend Request from Gliese 581c

6864550350a8068318369mlIf you start receiving strange friend requests on Bebo in the year 2050, there may be more to them than meets the eye. That’s because 2050 is about the time that we can expect a reply from the planet Gliese 581c in response to messages Bebo is planning to beam to it this month. Though an intergalactic spam filter could potentially ruin everything…

Bebo’s ‘A Message From Earth‘ project is collecting messages Bebo users and beaming a selection in to space using the giant RT-70 radio telescope, courtesy of the Ukrainian space agency. Messages can consist of drawings, photos or text and can apparently be about any topic you like – so the residents of Gliese 581c (if there are any) will soon have a great working knowledge of the Earth’s musical tastes from 21 years ago!

Gliese 581c has been picked because it is supposedly the nearest planet to earth which could be capable of holding lifeforms. Whether or not it has opted in to receive messages from Bebo is another matter… At over 120 million miles away, the message will take 21 years to reach it’s destination.

In a move that might horrify fans of anything but pop music, a number of ‘celebrities’ have also been ask to contribute messages – amongst them are Britain’s Got Talent winner George Sampson, the bands Scouting for Girls, Alphabeat and McFly and present Gok Wan. Not exactly a cross-section of society and culture but hey – if the residents of Gliese 581c can decipher the batch of text-speak that they’re bound to recieve, they’re one step ahead of me already. L8R M8s!

Team Tamar