8 August 2008 | Team Tamar

Net Address Bug Worse Than Feared

A recent fault found in the internet’s addressing system found at the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas is worse than initially suspected.

The faults were located in the nets Domain Name System (DNS). The DNS acts as an address book for the internet and helps computers interpret the name of a website i.e. The BBC‘s site into the list of numbers the computer uses i.e.

Faults could easily be abused by hackers. Faults have shown that all networks are at risk, and could be exploited in up to 15 different ways.

Hackers are now able to re-direct people to fake sites and gain access to information that makes web based transactions more secure.

News of the faults was not released to the public until months after its discovery to give companies enough time to solve the problem.

75% of companies have resolved the problem, while 15% have not done anything.

Team Tamar