27 August 2008 | Team Tamar

Microsoft tweaks XP anti-piracy checker!

Apparently, Microsoft isn’t planning on taking out the wind from the sails of Windows XP yet. If you checked your Windows Automatic Updates this morning you would have noticed it downloading a version of Windows genuine certification software.

This software basically verifies that you are running a valid copy of Windows XP Professional, much like the software used by Vista. If you’re not, it will continuously remind you of your little problem.

If your copy of XP is found to be pirated, the software will turn your back ground to black every time you log on and this will be redone every 60 minutes, so changing the background back to your favorite picture won’t help much. If this isn’t bad enough, a translucent banner will be displayed at the bottom of your screen informing you that your version is not genuine.

Some experts see this as Microsoft continuing their support for XP, but others reckon there is another agenda attached to this update. Apparently, as soon as Microsoft stopped selling XP, the number of pirated copies skyrocket world wide and some now believe this is Microsoft’s way of forcing users to let go of that XP copy and move over to Vista.

Team Tamar