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Microsoft releases new 3D technology

Alex Christie

21 August 2008

Microsoft has launched a new 3D technology called Photosynth. The technology basically takes a group of photos of an environment, strings them together and creates a 3D environment with it. Pretty cool, I’d say.

Photosynth allows the users to upload their photos, which can be taken with a standard digital camera, and then strings it together to create the 3D environment. Stringing photos together in the past use to take weeks of processing, but thanks to the new technology it only takes as long as uploading your photos.

Microsoft has been kind enough to give you 20GB of online space for all your photo collections. According to Microsoft this will allow up to 60 different Photosynths.

To get started, the site will ask you to install a small program on you PC. Once done your set to start. Simply take some photo’s as per instruction and upload them to create your very own Photosynth or you can simply scroll through some examples.



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