21 August 2008 | Team Tamar

Michael Phelps’ Facebook Popularity Soars

Record-breaking Olympian Michael Phelps might be over in China right now, but that hasn’t stopped Facebook users showing their love for him. As of this morning, his Facebook fan page had shot to the top of the rankings – second only to Barrack Obama at the moment, but set to overtake him any day now.


With 1,258,316 fans and counting, it’s clear that Phelps has captured the hearts of most of America, and Facebook wanted to congratulate him too. So, on Monday morning, stateside users logging in to their account were greeted by a news-feed entry stating "Congratulations to Michael Phelps and all the U.S. athletes" – with a small but (evidently) crucial link to the fan page included.

As with previous examples of pages suddenly jumping in popularity, it will be interesting to see whether this boost – which could be a lot of users’ first exposure to the fan page system – has a knock-on effect for the system as a whole. Watch this space in the coming weeks to find out more…

Team Tamar