18 August 2008 | Team Tamar

Massive Increase in Spam

Like me, you’ve probably noticed the increase in spam recently. According to Google product marketing manager, Sundar Raghavan, this seems to be an annual event which sees an increase in the amount of spam being sent out world wide.

The fight against spam has intensified for Google, even though they have acquired the services of Postini, for which they paid $625 million. Postini’s software services protect, encrypt, archive and enforce policies for e-mail, instant messaging and other Web-based communications. Google implemented this by integrating their software with that of Positini’s. The deal was made in 2007 and according to Google, Postini has proven to be efective thus far.

So why cant Google stop these spammers? According to Raghavan, the pattern in the past was a common topic linked to one or two servers, but massively distributed. "Now we’re seeing multiple topics each one linked to different servers," he explained.

Raghavan noted that topics for many spam e-mails are being ripped right from CNN headlines. On the sending end, Google engineers are still trying to pinpoint where all the traffic is coming from, but it’s a difficult task. Much of the e-mail is being sent from massive geographically diverse botnets that are constantly changing. Google will be working hard to try and prevent these numbers from rising. Google says that they are currently deleting 10 million spam emails daily before it reaches your inbox.

Some are, however saying, that the increase in spam is due to the report of Dan Kiminsky’s finding a flaw in our DNS settings, but that could not yet be confirmed.

Team Tamar