27 August 2008 | Team Tamar

iPhone ad rapped as ‘misleading’

advert for the new Apple IPhone is seen to have misled consumers according to a
ruling made by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).
advert states that the IPhone has ‘all parts of the internet’ on it.

The ASA claim that because the IPhone does
not support Flash or Java, two programs that make up a number of web pages,
this is misleading as many websites will not be able to be accessed on the
The IPhone uses Safari as a web browser;
however this is unable to display any graphics or animations which require
programs such as Flash or Java.

Because the iPhone doesn’t support
Flash or Java, you couldn’t really see the internet in its full glory,"
said Olivia Campbell, a spokesperson for the ASA.
Apple responded back saying their adverts
referred to the availability of web pages rather than its appearance.
Apple made no comments on the ruling by the

Team Tamar