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Google Trends – check your competitors

Alex Christie

26 August 2008

Most people working in SEM would by now know about Google Trends, which is a free Google labs tool that I have fallen in love with and could play with all day long. One particularly good way to use it, is to enable you to check out how your site is doing against your competitors.

In the websites tab, you can enter any URL you like (up to four, just separate them with comma’s), and Google will give you a graph showing Daily unique visitors.


This data can be segmented by region, you can vary the time period, and it also gives you a list of other searches visitors to that site made, and other sites they visited.


And? How can you use this? Well, a few suggestions…
- See how your competitors are doing – what sites are their visitors visiting that maybe you can target for ad space? What search terms are their visitors using that maybe you should optimise for? Are they successful in regions you haven’t yet considered?
- Whats going on in your industry? Are you getting a decent slice of the pie? Is that fall in traffic due to something you have done wrong, or are your competitors experiencing it (and vice versa)? Are there competitors that you hadn’t thought of?

Many of the features in this Google Labs product seem to be turning up in the Beta Google Ad Planner. I have just received access today, so hope to blog about that soon too!



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