28 August 2008 | Team Tamar

Google Streetview in Chiswick (photo) Drive-by!

Despite being hit by a few road-blocks along the way – not least of all the news that they would have to blur out every single face seen on their new UK-based photos, in order to satisfy the grandly title ‘Information Commissioner‘ – Google continue to drive round the streets of London taking photos with their odd looking cars. I know this for a fact because one drove past me in Chiswick the other day!

Unlike this quick snapper, I didn’t manage to whip my phone out in time to take a photo, but rest assured I shall be scouring the new feature (whenever they decide to release it) in search of my blurred-out face, wandering the Chiswick high-road.


Has anybody else spotted one of Google’s cars driving round in their town lately?

Team Tamar