8 August 2008 | Team Tamar

Fonts and me

Like many designers I have phases of favourite fonts. I can see through the past work I’ve done what font era I was in. These phases are not a fickle love, but many months when the font is used as much as possible.

Blurred Cooper
My first love (and I’m talking the 90’s) was a font called Blur. Blur was cool, it was around the time of underworld’s dubnobasswithmyheadman and the design house Tomato were everywhere. Blur Light looked like it was sinking in shallow water and I used it on my very first website.

A big era was occupied by Cooper Black. Cooper Black is fat (or should I say phat?) and cuddly. Often seen on tshirts and shop sale signs. It’s a big round confident and friendly font that I’m still really fond of. 

Bella's Bistro
Then more recently there has been Bello, closely followed by BistroScript. I’m definitely going through a vintage sign writing phase with these retro fonts. Bello is a great clever font. Can’t really read it in sentences, but used carefully with the script and caps it has buckets of personality. Similarly BistroScript is my current favourite. More readable than Bello, elegant and flowery, but still saying look at me and I like the way its top heavy.

Team Tamar

  • Rick

    Nice post! I see you like fonts that are a little more “busy”. What are your thoughts on clean cut fonts like Helvetica?

  • Sarah Graveling

    Thanks Rick. I use Helvetica all the time, but it doesn’t get me (for want of a better word) excited. The fonts I mentioned above, you can’t use every day or in abundance so when you can, it’s quite special.