20 August 2008 | Team Tamar

Downing Street In Clever-Use-of-YouTube Shocker!

Youtubedowning_2It looks like the back-room nerds at 10 Downing Street have finally woken up to the power of Social Media, and in particular YouTube. And even better than that, they’ve upset the opposition in the process!

The current furore is surrounding a video response that Downing St have put up on their YouTube channel in response to the famous "Jeremy Clarkson for Prime Minister" petition that was doing the rounds a while ago. The video response (link below) thanks the people who signed the petition and pictures the famous stairway of Downing Street with a photo of Clarkson alongside other prime ministers.

According to the BBC, the video – which the Downing Street press office claims was made by a staffer with "a spare half hour" – has upset the Conservative Party, who clearly have no sense of humour.

A Conservative Party spokesman was quoted as saying: "While the British public is having to tighten its belts, the government is spending taxpayers’ money on a completely frivolous project. This shows how detached the Labour Party has become from the concerns of the British people."

The Conservatives have obviously not actually viewed the video though – anybody who has would spot immediately that the budget of the video was clearly non-existent, with the "special effects" at the end showing particular amateur flare! But credit where credit’s due, it’s a nice little use of their YouTube channel and shows that they are clearly listening to what the public say, even if they aren’t quite ready to accept it yet…


Team Tamar