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Bebo Spam On the Increase?

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
20 August 2008

Bebospam I doubt I’m alone in this, but would love to hear any feedback from other readers – has anyone else noticed the levels of spam or fake friend requests increasing on Bebo lately? I seem to have gone from nothing to around 2 or 3 fake requests per week, with no obvious reason for the increase. I wouldn’t consider myself a regular Bebo user, and wouldn’t have thought my sparce profile would be much of a magnet for spammers or fake friends, so why the increase?

I’ve long ago got used to the fact that MySpace friend requests are very rarely people I actually know – if it’s not some new band it’s just a fake person with an unusually attractive profile photo. But Bebo has been pretty good about it until now. To give credit where it’s due, I don’t think I’ve ever had a fake request through Facebook, though their registration process does seem a bit more thorough.

Hopefully Bebo will tackle this quickly and get back to being the impressive social network that it has grown to be lately.



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