24 July 2008 | Team Tamar

YouTube shows us the way

It looks like YouTube has unleashed a cool new gadget for when you search for things that have a geographical reference built in. Being a bit of a petrolhead, I was looking for the 2008 Motor Show – which kicks off this weekend, and some footage of the new Lotus Evora (myself hailing from Norfolk, just like the legendary manufacturer makes me quite a fan!). After doing a couple of searches, I realised that amongst the usual list of video results was a map, powered by Google maps, showing me exactly where the Motor Show is this year.


The image can then be clicked, and it shows more detail:


Whilst I know where Earl’s Court is (its tricky to miss when you drive past it every day – its big and ugly enough) its great to see Google injecting its ‘pet project’ YouTube with some new life and features, and making the best of some of the great mapping work that Google are always doing.

Plus, it emphisises Google’s focus on geo-targeting – something that we suspect is going to just keep gathering pace from now on.

Team Tamar