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Yahoo Traffic from Google?

Alex Christie

9 July 2008

A report done by Heather Hopkins from Hitwise last Thursday reveals that Yahoo’s majority traffic is from Google search and has little to do with its own search service.

Hopkins said Yahoo major websites’ traffic will not drop down even there is no Yahoo Search. For the Yahoo’s traffic in June, Yahoo Mail occupied 37.5%; Yahoo.com occupied 30.6% and Yahoo Search 12.1%.

Hopkins then analysed which search engine leads the most traffic to top 20 Yahoo websites. 14 of top 20 Yahoo websites mainly got traffic from Google search and only 6 websites mainly got traffic from Yahoo Search. Even the most popular Yahoo Mail and Yahoo.com got their traffic mainly from Google. For example, 49% of Yahoo Answers’ new users came from Google and only 20% came from Yahoo Search.

Hopkins was so surprised about what he had discovered. He said that some of Yahoo’s service still have high value and get increased traffic without Yahoo Search.



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