28 July 2008 | Team Tamar

Yahoo in the News

Yahoo has tweaked their search algorithm so that it displays relevant news on any given search, the new news entry on the SERP will only show recent news stories, hopefully they will sort out the geolocation issues a bit better than google has.

I dont think this is just a "keeping up with the Joneses" move from Yahoo, it shows they are keeping up with their biggest rival and aggressively innovating (search assistant, BOSS, search monkey etc) and that they are willing to experiment with their Results page and user interface.

Along with their search assist function which is very intuitive and helpful, if we were to add up the number of new features that Yahoo have implemented in the past few months, it becomes clear that they are trying really hard to innovate their way to success.

I personally believe that their interface and SERPs have improved my experience and it is good to see them constantly evolving.Have a look at these two comparisons Istanbul on Google vs. Istanbul on Yahoo. Make up your mind, the results are indeed similar but i think that Yahoo looks a bit slicker, and the universal content is rivalling that of Google.

I hope that Yahoo carry on innovating and encouraging competition in the search world, at this rate, Google will have to play catch-up soon…

Team Tamar