3 July 2008 | Team Tamar

The pace of technology

The pace of technological advancement is quite staggering. It wasn’t too
long ago that mobile phones were luxury items and owned by only the very
wealthy. (Well in South
Africa anyway).  Mobiles have changed
the way the world works and it’s now literally impossible to function without
one. Even people living on the breadline who reside in shacks around Cape Town now own mobile phones.

More and more phones offer internet access and with the high cost of internet
and the limited access to internet in disadvantaged communities in South
Africa, accessing the internet on mobiles offers huge opportunities in SA.
Apart from the obvious convenience (banking being a huge advantage) and
relatively untapped economical opportunities associated with mobile phone
internet access, there has to be huge educational opportunities out there.

The use of podcasts,
online courses and services like Google Earth, (which still amazes me) and is now available
as a mobile version offer exciting opportunities times for educators. Obviously
there are lots of issues to consider but for the huge percentage of unemployed
South Africans living in poverty, this widespread access to mobile phone technology
might just offer them a better chance for them in the future. It’ll be interesting
to see how this develops.

Download Google Earth by visiting mobile.google.com or if you want to
download it on your PC then transfer it to your phone visit the Google Mobile Applications

Team Tamar