23 July 2008 | Tanya Goodin

The older the better

Content? Bah! Links? Bah! Age? Now we are talking!

I have seen a few discussions of late which ties in with something I have seen on a few fronts. That is the fact that having no content and no links (relatively speaking) does not stop you ranking if you have a really old site.

So take for example a search for ‘breakdown cover‘. The fourth ranked site is this one. Hey, and good luck to them! But check it out. Two pages! And Yahoo! reporting less than 100 links and Google only 6. (Please don’t get all techie on me here, I know about other checks but I am keeping things simple here!)

And not only that but the site has less content than the Google home page! So why is it that they are ranking? Well lets have a quick look at their history.

The site was first indexed back in Sep 2000,and for those who think that was only a short while ago that is almost 8 years!And the site has not changed much in that time either. Go on, click on the dates.

So an old site with a nice relevant domain name, seems like that is all you need!

Will it last? Well who knows. But a bit like any business trust is something that cannot be built overnight. And for Google, just now, this site appears to tick a few of the right boxes.

PS. Who is going to make an offer on this site and 301 it? Or just add a link to their breakdown policy!

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar