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Alex Christie

9 July 2008

An animated link was added to Google China’s homepage, linking to the lifestyle information search page, where visitors can easily search for lifestyle information, such as real estate, restaurants, jobs and public transport ticket information. 

Google China not only enhances the accessibility by adding a link on the homepage, it also combines the lifestyle information search and adds a movie search function to make it more entertaining.  What you need to do first is choose your city, and then you can search for any lifestyle information within your city.  For example, if you want to watch a movie, you can easily find the cinemas – as shown in the red boxes in the image below), and the timetable (as shown in the yellow boxes).  The map on the right top can help you easily locate your cinema of choice.  You can also have more information about the movie or add your comments by clicking the link in the blue box beside the movie poster on the top, which will go to a movie web 2.0 website.


Search engines provide us a handy way of finding the desirable information, and now they are getting more and more convenient.   Take this lifestyle information search as an example, Google combines all the information you might need when you want to, for example, watch a movie.  Search engines do make life so much easier.



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