31 July 2008 | Team Tamar

Regulating user generated content

MP’s are calling for greater control of user generated content on the web.  Suggesting a “standard practice” of reviewing user generated material. To me this goes against the spirit of Web 2.0 where unbridled user generated content has changed the face of the net and how we do business online.

One site that was singled out in the review on net safety done by the Culture, Media and Sport Committee was YouTube. With 10 hours worth of video uploaded every minute, even the committee admits it’s unrealistic to monitor each video before it goes live.  But I don’t think the current method of waiting for someone to flag a video before it is reviewed is working. Think of a good viral video, given a couple of hours this video could be watched by thousands of people. For example, the music video for OkGo‘s breakthrough single "Here it goes again" (see below) was uploaded exactly 2 years ago today has had over 37,000,000 views. Now offensive content can attract the same amount of viewers, do we really want offensive content up for that long?

Team Tamar