31 July 2008 | Team Tamar

Pushup helps with cross browser development

After finishing a very small web project this week, I was once again hit with a very old problem, browser compatibility.

For as long as I can remember, developing websites has always been plagued with this simple problem. I call the problem simple, because in 80% of the cases it’s a simple property that needs to be set to fix the problem.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, I have just finished a small web project this week. After viewing it, a colleague got back to me saying that the images in the table weren’t aligned to which I replied, “It looks fine in both FireFox and Internet Explorer on my side”. Then it hit me, I am using FireFox 3 and he’s most likely still using FireFox 2, as the rest of the office is.

I then realised my assumptions that people aren’t as up to date (not necessarily a good thing) as I am with software was completely wrong and a little too presumptuous.

If you see yourself as good or serious programmer you should be able to foresee problems like these. You should be programming with these limitation and differences in mind. As a web developer, you are already forced to program for different web browsers (mainly FireFox and IE for me), so programming for different versions of the same browser just becomes a complete drag. And that is where Pushup comes in. You can’t necessarily force people to upgrade their browsers, but thanks to Pushup you can now give them a friendly notification that a new version of their browser is available when visiting your site.

Pushup has generated a script that can be integrated into your website or Blog. It will show the visitor a message, with an upgrade link, if they are using an out of date browser. The visitor then has the option of upgrading of ignoring the message until a next visit.

Does this really help with the amount of work concerning cross browser development, maybe not, but at least they will now think the problem lies with their out of date browser and not my laziness to do proper cross browser development, which is actually the case.

Team Tamar