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One World, One Dream, Online

Alex Christie

29 July 2008


I am in China, 10 days before the games begin, and the buzz is beginning to start. Sure, I am in Shanghai, not Beijing, but still you can sense the excitement and pride in Shanghai, and we will be hosting the Olympic football matches after all.

In any case, it doesn’t really matter where you are in the world, as this year the Olympic games will be more accessible than they have ever been before.

With the increased use of video streaming through sites such as YouTube, online consumers now somewhat expect videos to be available to them online, and they won’t be disappointed with sites like NBCOlympics.com planning to stream at least 3,500 hours of video’d events online.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the BBC will allow users to watch live videos of the key action online, and to choose from seven video streams. Highlights of the best of each day will be available on demand of course.

In addition, citizen journalism we will allow us to see more than just what the broadcasters want us to see, via sites like YouTube and MySpace.

All this extra access is especially good news for those fans of minority sports, who will be able to more easily get their fix, without the ‘only so many hours in a day’ and ‘popularity contest’ problems of tv broadcasting.

P.s. here is a bit of Beijing Olympics trivia.

The Beijing Olympics mascots pictured at the top of this post are called Fuwa collectively. They represent the Olympic flame, and various Chinese animals.

When read together, their names make the sentence Beijing Huan Ying Ni…which means Beijing welcomes you.



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