8 July 2008 | Team Tamar

Micosoft Acquires Search Firm

With the continuous on and off talks with Yahoo!, Microsoft
has decided to venture into the natural search world on their own. What is
viewed by many as a significant strategic move, they have acquired a search
engine company called Powerset.

Powerset say their technology has been developed
over the last year and was launched in May. This technology is however restricted
to searching through Wikipedia. They do
claim to be developing algorithms that will improve the search capability.

This is how it works. A user would type in a question; eg. “Who is winning the Euro
Championship Final?” as opposed to a typical search engine keyword request of “
Euro Championship score”.

This new search method provides requested results so
much faster than conventional search engines as it delivers exact information
rather than a massive list of URL’s.
This latest acquisition could be seen as small piece
in the greater Microsoft plan.

Team Tamar