11 July 2008 | Team Tamar

Internet security breach?

Has anyone been noticing the large number of updates thats been circulating throughout your computer lately? They’re not just updates, they’re security patches.

Well I have the answer for that. Last week the security expert ,Dan Kaminsky, of IOactive, came across a major flaw in the internet’s spine. The problem was found in the domain name system (DNS),and it allows hackers to redirect traffic from a dns to an alternate location. In plain terms they, the hackers, would be able to gain access your bank information or any other private information.

A large number of companies, including Microsoft, Red Hat, Adobe, all released patches that would address the issue, but one has to be happy that this was found by Dan Kaminsky. There has been no report of previous occurrences of this nature in the past.

The head of many technology companies all flew into Microsofts Washington headquarters to find a way to fix this problem. The solution would have to be quick and fix the underlying flaw without alarming the public. There is no word yet if the flaw has been fixed but with the large number of security updates that has been applied thus far, i think they should be getting somewhere by now. This doesn’t only affect one company but the entire internet community.

Watch this space as I’ll keep you updated with the latest developments.

Team Tamar