11 July 2008 | Team Tamar

How to make your website stand out from the crowd

A lot of websites use stock imagery obtained from sites such as istock photo. But doing this does not guarantee that your website will remain unique, what if someone else comes across an image you have used for a background and decides to do the same?

A Simple but effective solution is to create your own images and design elements.

Examples include:

  • Going outside and taking your own photos. If you need an image of the sky with clouds, go outside with your camera and take a shot of the sky (obviously do it when the weather conditions are perfect). Afterall, what are the chances of someone else having the same photo as you, with clouds forming endless and infinitely different patterns in the sky.
  • Take out your graphics tablet and get drawing! This is a simple but effective way to create unique content. If you don’t have a graphics tablet, then pencil and paper will suffice. Just scan in your image and ‘photoshopify’ it. If such a word exists.
  • Create custom brushes to use for design elements on your site. You can even combine two or more brushes to create something far more unique.
  • Generally using real life items and objects for images, if you want to use them on your site. If you need to make a background look like a lined piece of paper, then get a line piece of paper and scan it in. It also saves time, by not having to spend hours trying to mimic a piece of paper in photoshop.

Team Tamar