28 July 2008 | Team Tamar

Google no longer interested in Digg deal

TechCrunch have reported that the acquisition deal between Google and Digg is officially off.

Google, who were reportedly looking to spend $200 million to acquire the social networking site Digg, walked away from the deal at the end of last week after what is being put down to a poor team fit between the two online giants.

This is yet another blow for the owners of Digg who according to TechCrunch have been trying to sell the company for over two years and a long string of possible take overs.

However, it has to be commented that some insiders are questioning the seriousness of Google’s participation in the deal from the very beginning. Is it possible that Google were only interested in striking up a deal with Digg in order to take a sneak peek at the site infrastructure in order to create a similar site themselves? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Team Tamar

  • Robin

    I think the whole thing about Google buying Digg was a Michael Arrington hallucination, or aa lucid dream.