8 July 2008 | Team Tamar

Google ‘Leaks’ Search Volume?

The Google Keyword Tool today gave away valuable search volume information! It may have been a stuff up similar to the AOL debacle but this morning China time, while doing some keyword research for financial terms in Singapore I decided to use the good ol’ Google Keyword Tool External.  This is a good tool to use as you only need to type one keyword in and Google will spit out a lot of other relevant ones and rank them on search volume.  The thing is that this search volume is usually kind of like PageRank – it is just a blue bar that indicates that one is higher then the other – kind of hard to tell clients we chose this keyword over that based on a limited blue bar when they want numbers….

I had to check a lot of keywords and halfway through the results change from being blue bars to being actual numbers.  I was checking ‘Investment bank’ and Google said there were 4015 searches in June and the average monthly searches was about 5000.

So not only do the SIngaporeans get cheap electronics, they also get more info from Google?  No fair!  So I thought ‘maybe this is a new feature that just launched’ and quickly went to the UK results and wohoo – Google just got a little less secret.

You can see the results for "car insurance" above (strangely the first thing I searched for…), below is with the blue bar.  I really needed to do the other work so had to leave it until later to look into it in more detail.

Sadly it now seems like it has been turned off.  Back to the secret blue bars.  Must have been a mistake as not only has it gone back, but the download the results into .txt or .csv isnt working.  Maybe that still needs to be reverted so they have switched it off.  I have looked for other people posting about this but haven’t seen anything.

I have my fingers crossed that this is something that they will roll out, but I am not holding my breath.

Very sad, as per Tracy’s post earlier, we are always on a quest for more keyword information.  Oh and don’t I wish that I had selected exact match rather then broad match….

Team Tamar

  • http://www.winningtheweb.com Gyutae Park

    Hm, good find. I can’t imagine that Google would release exact numbers. It must be a leak, kind of like how they accidentally displayed variables in the Adwords quality score algorithm a couple months back.

  • http://congressratings.com/ Marc

    I just checked too… 🙁
    …and have been waiting for this a while.
    Hopefully they are testing a full roll-out of these numbers. They might put some smaller key word research services right out of business as soon as this launches.

  • Juan Carlos

    What good would that sort of information be useful for??

  • http://www.tamar.com.cn Aidan Moore

    It has been on and off all day. Starngely it doesnt seem to work when I am on a UK VPN, but when searching at home it is fine. Have saved a few search terms just incase it disappears. Has anyone else been successful?

  • http://www.jeffwoelker.com Jeff Woelker

    This would be fantastic information to have. We always have to do some crazy upconversion to estimate Google traffic numbers prior to running campaigns.

  • http://wogan.co.za/ Wogan May
  • http://www.iknowthe.net/ Emma Kane

    Its not a leak, its a new feature….and it hasn’t been turned off…

  • http://www.tamar.com.cn Aidan Moore

    Ok, so it wasnt a leak – it just wasnt a full feature when I saw it – it took a couple of days to roll out and that is understandable.
    But its a great tool now – a lot more useful then before. What do people think of the results that it produces? Accurate? or do they need to be taken with a grain of salt

  • http://www.hallwaystudios.com Matthew

    Hmm… saw this myself just the other day and was pleasantly surprised. However the blog post by Google (linked above) mentions that the figures are based on the ‘Search Network’, which would appear to include not only searches entered on thier main site, but also to AdSense publisher sites.
    I’d bear this in mind before telling quoting traffic estimates for high organic SERPs!
    Still, the figures are still a very useful resource for SEO purposes, even if it was really intended for AdWords advertisers.

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