9 July 2008 | Team Tamar

Google enters the virtual world.

Google’s latest release
is one set to match the hugely popular virtual world – Second Life. It’s a
three-dimensional virtual experience website, using a service Google calls

It uses real-time virtual
world characters known as avatars and three dimensional graphics to congregate
in virtual rooms as well as letting users create and customize avatars and worlds and interact
with other users. Furniture and other items can be added and moved around.

Avatars can talk to each other, do things like dance and shake hands, and
manipulate objects.
Niniane Wang, engineering
manager at Google commented on Google’s official blog "If you enter a
Lively room embedded on your favorite blog or website, you can immediately get
a sense of the room creator’s interests, just by looking at the furniture and
environment they chose," Wang also added that Lively also allows for
playing YouTube videos in virtual TVs and showing photos in virtual picture
frames inside the rooms.

Team Tamar