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Google Duo Lead Guardian Media Top 100

Alex Christie

14 July 2008

Today, the Guardian issued its seventh definitive list of what it believes to be “an annual guide to the most powerful people in the [Media] industry”. Topping the charts in 2008 are Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin who are well known for leading the way in many of the digital media fields – best known for search, online advertising, news and mobile technology.

The two founders are also being praised for their major influence on the digital industry at a time where internet advertising is on the brink of over taking TV advertising in the UK. With eight out of ten online searches being conducted through Google (although this figure can fluctuate depending on which report you read), it comes as no surprise that online advertising has become big business for the duo. The pair have however, admitted to having difficulties creating revenue through certain areas of its business, such as user generated content dominated You Tube, although looking at their net worth figures, I’m sure Page and Brin won’t yet be feeling the strain.

This latest recognition of Google’s dominance in the online digital field further stresses the importance the search engine has over those wishing to be seen on the internet, and how vital it is to be ranked at the top of Google to reach the masses.

For more information on the Google co-founders, read the Guardian Media Top 100



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