4 July 2008 | Team Tamar

Google cares about our Web security!

Weak Web application security has become a high threat for companies, not to mention the embarrassment that goes along with it and could potentially mean the loss of very important data and ultimately the loss of millions of Pounds.   

Feeling paranoid all of a sudden? Don’t, because Web application design has just become a lot safer, or so Google says, after they announced the public release of Ratproxy. Ratproxy is one of Google’s internal tool’s that is used for testing of security of Web-Applications.

Ratproxy, Released under an Apache 2.0 software license, scan’s and looks for a variety of problems with in the Web-Application code. The new tool can pick out snippets of JavaScript from style sheets and it also supports SSL (Secure Socket Layer) scanning.

The program basically highlights all areas of concern, which are not all necessarily indicative of actual security flaws, during a testing session. It’s then the job of a security professional to run through the list of gathered security concerns and then decide which are of real concern to the application.

For more information, read the overview posted of Ratproxy by Google or download the source code if you want to give it a test.

Team Tamar