24 July 2008 | Team Tamar

Facebook’s little hidden message

Browsing Facebook yesterday I stumbled onto something I’d never seen before, a little hidden message at the bottom of my friends page…

I would leave you a screenshot, but it might be more fun if you go and find out what it is for yourself…I will however leave a little picture of where to find it. Remember that you need to click your friends tab and then scroll right to the bottom…Then select the white space (all the way across to the page numbers at the bottom right) my red arrow is pointing at…Cntrl + C and paste it into notepad…easy.


Enjoy! If you know of  (or have found) anything similiar please let us know.

Team Tamar

  • Melanie

    I did this and it says ‘Happy Birthday!’ What does this mean…? It’s not my birthday…?

  • Rick

    Hi Melanie,
    I am not sure, I think it’s just the developers having a little fun to be honest…

  • http://www.tamar.com Neil Jackson

    what doesn’t kill a quail only makes it stronger.
    Wise words indeed, £15 billion ahoy!

  • SpooKy

    Hectic!! I found another one as well, when you do a search for friends or whatever it says: “I’ll find something to put here” also in the Inbox it says “Giggabox Aproches”
    Im not to clued up on web coding ect. but what does it mean?? It seems you find these messages whenever there is more than 1 page!!