10 July 2008 | Team Tamar

Charities Not Keeping Up With Web 2.0

Charity_collectionAccording to an article in yesterday’s Guardian newspaper, charities around the country are noting a shift in power from their own tightly-controlled organisations to unofficial brand advocates using social media to spread the word. Some charities are apparently struggling with this new grass-roots revolution, although organisations like JustGiving (subject to a very popular Facebook app) are now recognising the change and embracing it.

A representative from JustGiving, Tom Mansel-Pleydel told the Guardian: "Large charities are finding people taking ownership of their brand without them even knowing about it, but it can bring a lot of advantages.

"It used to be a charity’s relationship with people started when they became donors but now it can start before they even know about it."

It is reported that Facebook now accounts for around 20% of JustGiving’s own revenue.

Mansel-Pleydel also observed (as we have on many occassions) that a lot of the charities are virtually sticking their fingers in their ears in the face of this shift – with some going as far as to ban the use of social networks like Facebook and mySpace in their headquarters.

It strikes this blogger that charities are just the tip of the iceberg…

Team Tamar