2 July 2008 | Team Tamar

Beaten by the timezone…

Today, while reading the official Google blog over my lunchbreak, something I regularly do by the way, catching up with developments within ‘the Google’, and I spot a beautiful story…

Google has started to crawl content that is embedded within flash. I am all excited with the prospects for SEO so  I put together a beautifully structured prosaic post only to discover that I have been beaten to it by some guy called Aidan Moore, his post was rubbish (not really but mine was better) and he only gets the spot because of his 7 hour timezone advantage.

This is most unfair because most tech people blog at night time and the folks over in china will be the first to pick them up, they will also be the first to pick up the American news of the day, this gives Tamar China an edge in the world of news but it leaves me in the dark.

How are we supposed to compete in a world of 24 timezones.

Team Tamar

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    China wins!
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