31 July 2008 | Team Tamar

A behind the scenes look at search results

Google plans
to let users get a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes before getting
our search results. Google will start to show what happens with
every search query that enters Google. They announced on their official
that they plan to show make the behind the scenes process a little
more transparent. Searchers will start to notice an option on the top right
side of the results page, linking to what customisations occurred before
reaching the user.

or changes may be factors such as location as Google
strives to provide you with the most locally relevant results and also web
history as Google looks at your previous search history before conducting your
present search results.
“We take into
account whether a particular query followed on the heels of another query.
Because recent search activity provides such valuable context for understanding
the meaning behind your searches, we use it to customise your results whenever
possible, regardless of whether you’re signed in or signed out.”

Team Tamar