9 June 2008 | Team Tamar

Yue Miao — here we come!

Today was our first day at Yue Miao — it was so exciting to be there after almost 8 months since we started discussing what we might do in Shanghai. The first day was all about meeting people and building relationships.

We started the day with the principal of the school, Mr. Wu, greeting us, and having tea and fruit with him and the teachers so that we could get to know each other. Then we were taken on a tour of the school where we met some of the children and other staff. We also saw the huge roof that had been fixed and the new storage shed that had been built thanks to the money we had already been able to send over. There had been a ton of rain over the weekend and there had not been any leaking from the roof!

We also saw the music room where we will be buying more instruments, a new TV and some other teaching equipment over the next couple of days.

We were taken out for a Shanghianese style lunch with the teachers and Mr. Wu where we learned even more about the local traditions, customs and "rules" for eating fresh water crayfish, duck’s tongue and other impressive dishes.

The children were having a rest when we returned to the school, so we were given a bit of time to try out our skills with Chinese calligraphy. I think it is fair to say that it is truly an advanced art  form and that we need a lot more practice!

The afternoon was spent with all of the residents of Yue Miao where we all sang songs, danced and Tamar received some lovely gifts as thank you presents from Yue Miao.

The final time of the day was spent discussing our plans for the rest of he week. We have another very interesting day in store for us tomorrow. Can you wait to find out?!

Team Tamar