10 June 2008 | Team Tamar

Yue Miao Day 2 – Shopping and Dumplings!

Today was Aidan’s dream day – shopping for gadgets and technology! This morning we went to Xu Jia Hui, which is a shopping district close to our new office. There we met with two of the teachers from Yue Miao, who would help us purchase for the school:

  • an LCD tv
  • a digital projector
  • a laptop
  • a set of speakers

This equipment was to help them furnish their music room as teaching aides, but also for if they are required to make presentations to visitors or movie nights for the students.

We spent a good couple of hours scouring the computer shops trying to come up with the best deals. We finally got the projector and laptop down to excellent prices, and decided to buy the tv and speakers on the internet since the prices were much lower. We finished off our excursion with a lunch of KFC, which contrasted horribly with our delicious seafood lunch yesterday. (Note, the KFC lunch only added to the magnificence of the day for Aidan).

On return to the school, we then rolled up our sleeves to help the staff and other volunteers make dinner for the students weekly ‘Dumpling’ dinner. These dumplings, (called Jiaozi in Chinese) consist of a mixture of pork mince, egg, vegetables and ginger, wrapped in a noodle-type casing, and boiled. They are absolutely delicious, but a bit of a mission to make, so they need lots of people to help. To cater for the dinner requires 2,000 jiaozi, so we spent a good couple of hours wrapping the mince up in unprofessional jiaozi shapes (except for Amy and Bing), and later enjoyed the fruits of our labour.

We were very glad to be doing lots of indoor activities today due to the pouring rain all day long. Also, we were glad that the roof of the school was fixed before this rainy season hit!

My highlight so far was when one of the students told Bing that he would like us to come more often, which absolutely made my week, and made me feel that we are doing something really valuable.

Meanwhile, Aidan’s dream day ended on a high note, with the English speaking student telling him again today that he is very handsome, but then also adding that he thinks he is very strong!

Team Tamar

  • http://profile.typekey.com/henryelliss/ Henry Elliss

    Bless them – those kids are so sweet… telling Aidan he is handsome and strong.
    Do some of the children have sight issues? : )
    Great seeing all the photos, very jealous!