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YouTube or WhoTube?

Alex Christie

2 June 2008


It seems like over the weekend a very small (but not insignificant) change has happened to our good ol’ pal YouTube. Until now, videos on YouTube have carried the logo of the video streaming colossus in the corner, whether they be on the providers site or imported to other sites, whether private, independant, or just pulled into a MySpace profile etc.

It seems over the weekend this was removed – opening up the question why. My thought would be that it is so their video hosting can be ‘white-labelled’ – with sites able to host a video through YouTube, without the user idetifying that this is the case. This could allow the benefits of YouTube accessibility and simplicity without effectively promoting on their behalf – I’m presuming they just dont need to self-publicise all that much any more – in the UK last month they were measured by Nielsen in their Social Search Top 10 as being top Social Network – with over 10 million unique users.



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