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Why I love paying the Beeb’s license fee

Alex Christie

23 June 2008



Yes I know
that’s a weird way to start a blog – and most of you would probably
dramatically dispute the claim. However, I would just like to hi-jack the blog
to gush a bit about how much I love the BBC iplayer and how its actually making
the beeb’s ridiculously large and exponentially rising licence actually worth
its salt again.


Lets start
with the staple diet of most blokes (and some girls, so as not to exclude you)
- the football. More precisely, the European Championships that are swiftly
steaming through their second week. I sat in the park on Sunday in the sunshine
of Wandsworth Common, MacBook in hand, cold drink in the other and enjoyed the
efforts of the Spanish versus the Italians via a random internet cloud and the wonders of the BBC iplayer.


Now this
kind of thing is nothing new – it’s been around for a while. The only thing
that I think is changing is the way and the frequency that people use this type
of technology. A year ago I might have worried that about missing the first
episode of series 11 of the best thing on telly – Top Gear – last night (I was
having issues with Sky+, oh the irony) and franticly set about getting my mum
to tape it on her ancient VCR. (Which she still swears is fine for taping
Corrie despite it appearing to snow every episode.) Now, I sit back, relax, and
know that I’ll be able to catch it all week, in high quality, at any time,
without having to panic.


Just to add
a little perspective, it was published in an official report last month that
Jonathan Ross earns £18M in his contract with the BBC over an 18 month period.
That’s far from value for money. The footy, Top Gear, and all available in the
middle of sunny Wandsworth Common – whatever it all costs, it’s certainly worth
every penny of the fee. That is, until it gets put up again next year… Written by Barrie Bowles



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