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When Celebrities Network! Part 9 – Dom Joly

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
11 June 2008

The last celebrity for today’s session – following on from Rory Cellan-Jones and Leigh Francis earlier – is with TV funny-man Dom Joly. Dom is another of the celebrities we spoke to who has recently moved in to the world of Podcasting, with fellow comedian Danny Wallace on the Cobra Pubcast.

Dom Joly

Domjoly2_468x639Dom Joly is probably best known for his work on his Channel 4 show ‘Trigger Happy TV’, which ran for two series and was even remade for the States. Other TV shows he has worked on include ‘Dom Joly’s Happy Hour’ and ‘Dom Joly’s Excellent Adventure’. He is an accomplished author and journalist, penning a number of books and regular columns for publications like FHM and The Sunday Times.

You’re on Facebook – do you use any other social media and to what extent?

No other social media

What has your experience of Social Networks been like so far?

I love Facebook – I am borderline addicted – it’s very user friendly and good fun as well as being very useful. My only criticism is the 5,000 friend limit. MySpace has no limit – why does Facebook?

As a public figure, how do you feel about / deal with fans (or critics in some cases) contacting you online?

The whole point of my Facebook page is for people to contact me – I don’t have a website so I use my Facebook page to show my travel pictures, post my newspaper columns and articles and keep anyone who is interested as to what I’m up to. I also love updating my status as it’s like a little Haiku and I have to get something funny/interesting/pertinent in a tiny space.

What would you class as the main reason you use social networks – personal interaction, publicising your work, research, feedback etc?

It’s a mixture of personal interaction – publicising some of my written work – basically it gives me something to do when I’m hanging about or travelling, of which I do loads.

Do you use any of Facebook / MySpace’s added features or is your profile fairly basic?

I have used the "Interview me" application as well as "My map" but try to keep it fairly simple and basic.

Thanks again to Dom for answering our questions. We’ll hopefully be back tomorrow with a few more celebrities, so join us again then.



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