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When Celebrities Network! Part 4 – Alan Fletcher

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
10 June 2008

Well, as we enter day 2 of our special "What celebrities think about social networking" sessions, we have three more sets of answers to share with you, and the good news is that we’re still getting more responses. First up today is actor and singer Alan Fletcher, aka ‘Neighbours’ Dr Karl Kennedy…

Alan Fletcher

L8317917636_4413Best know for playing Dr Karl Kennedy in the popular Australian soap ‘Neighbours’, Alan Fletcher is also a budding rock star, with his band ‘Waiting Room’. If you’ve seen his website you’ll also know he’s a budding entrepreneur, and the sort of person that Social Media can really work for as a marketing tool. He has been on Facebook for a while, quickly out-growing the 5,000 friend limit and starting up his own Facebook Page to combat the problem.

You’re on Facebook – do you use any other social media and to what extent?

Myspace is the only other main site I use. I have a forum attached to my official site and I visit the various Neighbours fan websites from time to time.

What has your experience of Social Networks been like so far?

When I first joined Facebook I had a lot of people requesting to join my friends list. Facebook limits the number of people you can add in this way and it wasn’t possible to message everyone on there. Thankfully Facebook introduced a new "page" for artists which differs slightly from a normal profile and this allows everyone to join up. Myspace, and more recently, Facebook is a good way to advertise gigs and direct people to my official site for more news so the experience so far has been a positive one.

As a public figure, how do you feel about / deal with fans (or critics in some cases) contacting you online?

Its perfect as it gives immediate interaction. I still get a lot of post through snail mail and it can take months to get to me. With email and web based interaction I am in contact with fans in real time.

What would you class as the main reason you use social networks – personal interaction, publicising your work, research, feedback etc?

I can send news bulletins out about visits to the UK, news about the band and encourage fans to visit my official site. It is also a good way to interact with fans.

Do you use any of Facebook / MySpace’s added features or is your profile fairly basic?

My main profile on Facebook is fairly basic. As previously mentioned, I’ve just launched an artist page on Facebook which allows me to add photos and events and I’ll be developing that further. Myspace is predominantly used to upload music and to send bulletins out on.

Thanks to Alan for taking time out to answer our questions, what a legend! Join us again later today for the next Celebrity…



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