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When Celebrities Network! Part 2 – Danny Wallace

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
9 June 2008

Following on from Part 1 with Gabby Logan in which we learnt that TV’s nicest sports presenter has been busy setting up her own Social Network, we’re continuing our series of celebrity social media interviews today with a best selling author and comedian…

Danny Wallace

F_200702_february23t_19873a Danny is a multi-talented entertainer of epic proportions. He probably came to most people’s attention when he co-wrote ‘Are You Dave Gorman’ with fellow writer and comedian Dave Gorman. He followed that up with a series of his own brilliant books – Join Me, Yes Man and Friends Like These to name but three – and regular appearances on the BBC, hosting shows like Test the Nation and School’s Out. He can currently be heard on radio station XFM on Saturday mornings.

You’re on Facebook – do you use any other social media and to what extent?

I’ve just started my own podcast, which is quite exciting. I think podcasts are great, and I subscribe to quite a few. Last year I was on an isolated island [hosting BBC3's Castaway - Henry] many many miles from civilisation, and when I could (rarely) get on-line I’d download whatever I could from home and drive around in my jeep listening to Wogan, Brand, and some very obscure podcasts from Oz and beyond. They’re great. I also read blogs whenever I can.

What has your experience of Social Networks been like so far?

I wasn’t keen on them at all at first. I’d always thought that one day everyone would have their own webpage, and now in a sense they do. I like them now, in moderation, but when people start to live their lives through the screen, it gets a little unnecessary.

As a public figure, how do you feel about / deal with fans (or critics in some cases) contacting you online?

It’s nice, generally, and to be welcomed.

What would you class as the main reason you use social networks – personal interaction, publicising your work, research, feedback etc?

Keeping up-to-date with people I rarely see — and yes, it’s a good way of keeping people abreast of projects they might be interested in, without ramming it down their throats.

Do you use any of Facebook / MySpace’s added features or is your profile fairly basic?

Pretty basic. If I get another Zombie invite, I’ll implode…

Thanks to Danny for those answers – be sure to download his XFM podcast if you’re a podcast listener, it’s very entertaining. Join me (excuse the pun!) again later today for the next Celebrity – Search expert Rand Fishkin



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