9 June 2008 | Team Tamar

When Celebrities Network! Part 1 – Gabby Logan

Regular readers of this blog will know that as well as a keen interest in Social Media and Search, I’m also a bit of a web 2.0 celebrity-watcher. I subscribe to a number of celebrities blog feeds, have a few famous Facebook friends and like most people these days I have a sad interest in what famous people are doing – though I draw the line at Amy Winehouse or WAGs!

So I was thinking to myself a while back – "What do celebrities think of Social Media?" I know a few famous people who choose to ignore the world of Social Media, and I know a few more who choose to use high-security networks like ASmallWorld – presumably to keep the riff raff out. But more interestingly, I know quite a few (though mostly indirectly – I am not a stalker!) who DO use social media, and I thought that getting their opinion on it might make for some interesting blog entries. So I asked them – and what follows is a selection of the more interesting answers!

Gabbkennydm3011_468x556 Gabby Logan

Sports presenter Gabby Logan is probably most well known for her recent stint on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing in 2007. Along with husband Kenny Logan – ex Scotland Rugby international – she is half of one of the most famous sporting couples in the UK. She is also a bit of an internet entrepreneur in the making, as her answers to my questions revealed…

You’re on Facebook – do you use any other social media and to what extent?

DooSport.com – I have been working on this for two years with my husband Kenny and our pal Adam. We wanted to create a network for people who love sport and participate at any level. We are very proud of it, and almost ready to launch if you google it you’ll find it. I wanted to create something that would encourage more poeple into sport, Adam was very interested in downloading film and other applications.

What has your experience of Social Networks been like so far?

Fascinating – see above! I am more interested in specialised areas than just making friends with people randomly, the possibilities for sport are what really interest me and after that other communities who share common goals.

As a public figure, how do you feel about / deal with fans (or critics in some cases) contacting you online?

Criticism can be constructive and help one grow. I welcome it but there is no need to be cruel.

What would you class as the main reason you use social networks – personal interaction, publicising your work, research, feedback etc?

I wanted to understand the phenomena at first.

Do you use any of Facebook / MySpace’s added features or is your profile fairly basic?

My profile is basic as i spend more time on Doosport.com

Thanks to Gabby for those answers, and do check out DooSport.com if you’re a sports fan. Join me again this afternoon for the next Celebrity – TV’s Danny Wallace!

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  • AntonD

    doosport is just the same thing as isporty.com isn’t it?