12 June 2008 | Tanya Goodin

The Eden Project – 2 Views

This update on Day 2 of the project from Sarah Tupman:


"All battered and bruised but totally worth it. Having spent a long time cutting down the overgrowth, the stinging needles packed a bit of a punch.

Volunteer work is something that should get much more respect than it currently receives. There are places in this country that are absolutely beautiful. Yet without the maintain it, it would be lost and forgotten.

Spending the day reflecting on this, and observing the wonders of nature, we cannot forget the individual heroes.

Thanks to Kristian, the environment was saved from my runaway flip-flop. As it sped down river, it looked lost to join the thousands of pieces of rubbish that get left around our country. But he bravely paddled through waist high ice cold water to retrieve it.

Now, who says British men have lost all chivalry?"

Then this came in from Jeremy:

Img00180_2 "Having arrived by coach at the Eden Project and all been branded with yellow lapel stickers we were admitted into what used to be a disused quarry. Wow – its amazing what a few million quid will do!. One disappointed youngster at reception was expecting a giant piece of cheese but even she was wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the biospheres and The Core. The biospeheres are giant football-shaped domes growing all manner of flaura from around the globe in as-close-to natural conditions as possible. The result is a living, breathing snapshot of environments from countries such as Malaysia, Uganda and Greece, all right here in Blighty.

Visitors can stroll around in the humidity and linger at the sights growing before your eyes. My memories will include the extraordinary smell of growing rice, the humidity, the lady carving children’s toys from vegetables (she even made me a Professor Yaffle) and sitting in the lemon grove and watching the world go by. A return visit is a must in order to fully appreciate the scale and wonder of this Project’s achievements."

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

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