8 June 2008 | Team Tamar

Tamar @ Zhouzhuang


Before we start our CSR work the at Yue Miao foster home, we decided to do a team outing to one of Shanghai’s surrounding water towns called  Zhouzhuang.  It is about 1 1/2 hours bus ride from the centre of town and when we arrived the first thing we did was go to a restaurant.  Amy ordered some of the local specialty of pig nuckles.  I had never eaten one before but it was not what I expected – not much to look at, but very tasty.  Amy & Bing also taught us how to peel shrimp with your mouth.  Tracy’s attempt pictured below:


Once inside the village it was easy to see why this is thought of as China’s Venice.  It is a historic town with lots of canals running through it.  It was pretty packed with people due to it being a bank holiday weekend for the Dragon Boat festival.


We finished off with a bit of exercise on the equipment.  Speaking of exercies, the Chinese government has released the official Chinese chant for the Olympics.  We will be keeping you posted with the goings on during the China CSR week.

Team Tamar

  • http://profile.typekey.com/henweb/ Henry Elliss

    Nice photography Mr Moore – looks like you guys are going to have a good week – hmm, apart from the pig knuckles..