11 June 2008 | Team Tamar

SMX Advanced 2008 in a Nutshell

Due to our very own annual company conference, none of the team were able to attend SMX Advanced 2008, so we had to make do with the summaries you can find online. Here’s a selection of the best for you to get a feel of what went down:

Matt Cutts – As usual Mr Cutts provides a very entertaining summary of events, with the bonus being he was actually a panellist, so can give you a more behind-the-scenes view than other attendees might. I was particularly interested to see his comment about the ‘search results within search results’ issue, which we have noticed happening a few times recently. He also lays out his summary in a very honest "Good Points and Bad Points" way, which I find very refreshing.

Danny Sullivan – As the organiser of the conference, Danny has been blogging about it all throughout the week over at Search Engline Land. Of particular interest to me was Danny’s post about the slighlty black-hat tinge that the conference seems to have taken on this year, which he says was not intentional.

Bruce Clay – The guys over at Bruce Clay also posted a few conference-related summaries, including another view on the above point about the conference having more of a black-hat view than they’d have liked.

SmallBusinessSEM – A nice and compact "Five takeaways" post, including some interesting musings over some of the comments Matt Cutts made about link buying and how this might be used against competitors.

That’s a small selection of some of the best, though as usual you can easily scour social news sites like Sphinn and Digg to find your own.

Team Tamar