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RUMOUR ALERT! Is Google developing its own web browser?

Alex Christie

27 June 2008

According to an article in Blogoscoped, a guy named Lizard was told that Google is developing its own, WebKit-based browser. This internal project’s name is ‘GBrowser’. There is currently a bit of a browser war going on between Microsoft, Firefox (Just releasing 3.0), Safari (getting bundled with iTunes) and Opera (claiming the speed crown).

Because most of Google’s service such as Google toolbar and Google Docs rely on internet browser, it may be essential for Google to develope its own browser despite of it having a core partner in Firefox.  Having its own browser will give it even more control of the features and tools and allow deeper integration of its services.

Lizard also said that GBrowser is built on top of the open source WebKit browser framework, which was also used by Apple to create Safari.

Lizard added at last, "Mozilla knows GBrowser is coming and discusses it at length internally".



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