11 June 2008 | Tanya Goodin

Operation Clear-up Cornwall, Part 2

China clay clean-up

Drinks first before starting work and it feels like they are putting something in our drinks to make us work harder! It’s a gorgeous day, Neil, Nick & Laura are well kitted out sporting trendy flip flops. Kristian samples some bitter-sweet wild strawberries and we get a tools talk – don’t chop anyone’s arm off is the one-sentence summary. No hanging tools on trees whilst you have a breather is also a top tip! The bow saw looks evil. The slasher is the best tool in the box although it will cut through your best pair of Nikes!

We are here to assist the dedicated ranger in clearing back vegetation to ease access to this heritage site. It’s a china clay kiln dating back to 1850 when mining & pottery was the chief industry of Cornwall. It’s situated in a beautiful wood a mile’s walk from the road.

Lunch is in a beautiful clearing by a stream.

Some random observations, also from Ed:

"As Dean (foilage team leader) shows us around Jeremy imagines the Jack Ass guys jumping around in the nettles enjoying every sting…. Neilson fresh from the Cape office, into the under growth like a workhorse tool alongside Robin, proving their brawn…. There is, for what seems like 5hrs a forward assault as everyone gets deep down and dirty…. Standing right here in hayfever central, I turn round and see Jermey with his torso gleaming in the mid morning sun."

"The next second Barry whizzes by pushing a wheelbarrow with Sarah sitting in it… Lunch and Kristian shows his brave and heroic nature by jumping into the stream baring his thighs trying save Sarahs flipflop…. We are rushed off to the Eden Project 10mins away. On arrival we look at the environment of our future…"













Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

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